What we do





We start by offering a free dog house to any dog living on a chain with little or no shelter in Houston’s 3rd ward. Once we have earned the trust of the dog owner, we can get on the property and assess the needs of the dog; we offer long/lightweight cable tethers, padded nylon collars, water buckets, flea meds, commercial dog food (most are just fed last weeks left overs mixed all in a large pan, this attracts millions of flies that eat the dogs ears or any open sores), fly control, any emergent medical needs, and most important a free spay including transportation. In the beginning, we thought we would struggle to find these dogs, but soon we realized the magnitude of the problem. Now our biggest issue is knowing there are hundred of thousands of dogs in Houston suffering on the chain with no help in sight.


Contact Us

Email: HoustonHuts4Mutts@hotmail.com

Phone: (281) 838-9147